About me

I’m a feminist native Londoner with a passion for medieval mystics, mountains, cups of tea and spicy food. 

I’m CEO of Abortion Support Network, a small but mighty UK-registered charity providing advice, support, information and funding to people forced to travel for an abortion. Currently we support clients from Ireland, Poland, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man, Malta and Gibraltar. 

Previously I was COO of GoodGym, pioneering organisation combining running and volunteering to help people get fit by doing good, connect with their communities, and provide assistance for isolated older people. 

Prior to that I was founding staff member of Orchid Project, working for a global end to female genital cutting. I worked closely with the founding CEO, from kitchen table start-up to the corridors of the UN and funding programmes in FGC practising countries.  

I’ve also worked in adult social care, children’s hospices, and youth development. These days I’m most interested in working with members of growing, vision-led organisations, across any sector, for coaching and organisational development. My technical expertise for consultancy is largely in SRHR and VAWG, with an emphasis on abortion and female genital cutting. 

I’m a Trustee of the Joffe Charitable Trust and LivLife, and a regular volunteer runner with GoodGym. I have an M.Phil in Medieval History and a BA Hons. in History from the University of Birmingham. 

I live in south London and cycle most places. I’m happy to travel and take assignments overseas and around the UK, and I love using the phone or Zoom for meetings and coaching sessions. 

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