I’m including some testimonials from people with whom I’ve worked over the years. I’ll update this page regularly.

“Ruth has a wonderful warmth and integrity that she brings to her coaching and this means her clients will swiftly develop trust in her and the positive intention she has in working with them. She is completely committed to offering her best and you can be certain that she will do what ever she can to be at her most resourceful self for her clients. She’s emotionally smart and funny and inspiring to be around, all really important qualities of an effective coach. I have the highest regard for her as an individual and as a coach.”

“I have had the pleasure and privilege of studying with Ruth for the last year. We studied Institute of Leadership and Management coaching level 5 with Practitioner in Nuero Linguistic Programming and Clean Language. She engaged with me in my training and studying and helped me work through it all by listening with palpable respect and fascination, and sharing her experiences. Ruth has a certain empathy and understanding when she is coaching others. It is delight to be coached by her and to watch her coach others. I have learned a lot from her. Ruth works hard and engages with others easily. An immediate rapport is generated when she is with others. She is naturally engaging and always extremely attentive. She is a great coach and believes that it is in all of us to find and achieve our potential and our goals. Her ebullient nature and non-ceasing enthusiasm combined with absolute attention combine to make her an excellent person to work with. I hope to spend more time with her in the future and am very happy to recommend her.”

“I whole-heartedly endorse Ruth, or Ruthie as I call her, as a personal coach. Being brand new to coaching and its techniques, I felt completely at ease the moment I met her. She thoroughly explained what to expect, how we would hopefully reach my objective, and I was always welcomed to ask questions. I put my trust in her and the results are nothing less than exceptional. Within a few sessions I went from dreading my upcoming transAtlantic flights to stepping off the plane wanting to book my next ticket!”

“Ruth is a talented and professional coach. She immediately put me at ease during the first session, took a genuine interest in my particular situation, and tried to find solutions to meet my particular needs. I found her guidance to be valuable in my transition back to graduate school, and will continue to use the skills I developed with Ruth in the future!”

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